Right time, right place

Students are uniquely placed to network. Busy and successful people who in a few short years are unlikely to take their phone calls when they're looking for a job are often willing to talk or meet with students. A strong connection can sometimes lead even to a mentoring relationship.

Networking for the Career-Minded Student takes students and the adults who are concerned with their success through the process of using networking so that it enhances lilfelong career potential. Linda Hewitt examines the nature of networking - and why it's gotten such a bad rap. She then takes the reader through a step-by-step review of networking as it can be most effectively employed by the resourceful student, tying it to the student's access and status.

Hewitt illustrates an ideal networking outcome and discusses why implementing networking in advance of need is critical. Finally, she explores some of the ways in which networking can help prepare the student for whatever the future job market may bring.

Also an audiobook...

The book is also available in audiobook format, narrated by voiceover artist Suzie Vail.

Vail's warm and friendly expressiveness gives the book's content fresh life, inviting listeners to join her exploration of this interesting and valuable topic. Go to Audible.com now to check out a sample!

The time is now

Seize today's opportunities as a student to get a head start on your career possibilities tomorrow.

Networking is as much about the gathering and use of information as it is about making connections.