Use career-minded networking to become an insider.

Takeaways from the book

You'll learn what networking is, not the cliché but the reality. You'll see how students are uniquely positioned to use networking to get a head start on the rest of their lives. You'll understand why school can provide resources not readily available once the student has graduated. You'll be encouraged by the reality of adult willingness to help young people launch themselves in life.

You'll see the thinking behind the opposition to career preparation manifested by some educators and even parents. You'll observe the way the American work ethic has changed over time and why it's likely to change even more during your working life.

You'll be introduced to the concept of the three networking tiers and how each can support students in their networking activities. You'll meet supporters and naysayers of the process. You'll see the pleasures and perils of online networking. You'll encounter a concise description of what you can expect to learn from those with whom you'll network. You'll be taken, step by step, through preparing to network and developing a networking technique that'll work for you. You'll learn about the hazards, as well as the limits of networking, not to mention the responsibilies.

You'll watch an example of a good network in practice. Finally, you'll consider what the future is likely to hold for the job market during your working life and why networking can help you handle whatever happens.

Whatever your ambitions...

Whether you want to be a master of the universe or someone content to find satisfaction in work while making enough income to support the life you wish to live, you'll need information, and the contents of this book show you how to use networking to get information and to use it to meet your goals.

Seize today's opportunities to get a head start on tomorrow's possibilities.