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New Audiobook Shows How Student Networking Levels the Job-Market Playing Field

Linda Hewitt’s Networking for the Career-Minded Student, Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged, is now out in audiobook format featuring narrator Suzie Vail. In it, Hewitt demonstrates how students in high school and college can use their unique status to network their way to a head start in the job market. The aim is to help students devise a strategy for exploring careers and their personal attributes and preferences and for making connections that will help them maximize their opportunities now and later.

Trade, TN ( April 28, 2014 ⎯ Networking for the Career-Minded Student is now available in audiobook format. Author Linda Hewitt and Narrator Suzie Vail collaborated on the five-and-a-half hour audiobook through Amazon’s Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX).

Author Linda Hewitt and narrator Suzie Vail have collaborated to produce an audiobook of the Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged, of Hewitt’s Networking for the Career-Minded Student, published in trade paperback and ebook formats by ArbeitenZeit Media. The collaboration was arranged through the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), an Amazon platform. Hewitt and Vail made the decision to work together when they realized they shared a commitment to letting high school and college students in on a valuable secret: school is the best place to begin to network for career purposes. The capabilities of digital technology facilitated their collaboration, making it possible for the two to work together efficiently in spite of the fact that their physical locations are 600 miles apart.

“I’d just decided to add audiobook narration to the services offered by my recording studio and was looking around for an appropriate first project,” said Vail, an award-winning broadcaster and voiceover talent. “As the parent of three young children who will within the next few years begin to make choices about school and activities that will affect their job-market prospects, I was drawn to Networking for the Career-Minded Student as soon as I read the audition script. It seems to me that the strategies the book expresses can definitely help level the playing field as a young person grows up and faces what the future may hold. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share them through the audiobook with students, their parents, and their school counselors.”

“I was thrilled that Suzie Vail was interested in the project,” said Hewitt, award-winning author and experienced producer of audiovisual projects. “Her voice has the ability to deliver a strong information flow with warmth and clarity. It was especially interesting working with her via the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), as the process allows the rights-holding author and the narrator-producer to collaborate with speed and efficiency even though they may never meet face to face. In fact, the ACX process is a good example of the changes that are coming to certain careers because of technology. ACX also serves as a reminder that everyone in the job market needs to stay up to date with the current possibilities in their career field. Fortunately, purposeful networking is an excellent way to do this, and school years are the perfect time to acquire and begin to practice this skill.”

Networking for the Career-Minded Student has 49,500 words and is currently available in three formats: audiobook of five hours and twenty-six minutes from,, and iTunes (ISBN 13 Audiobook: 978-1-941168-10-3); Kindle ebook from 13 Kindle Edition: 978-0-9882712-6-5); and 134-page trade paperback from or by special order through booksellers (ISBN 13 Trade Paperback Edition: 978-0-9882712-7-2).

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